The major catastrophes of the past few years have shown the need for basic programs to be ready for deployment in multiple languages that would cover most crisis areas. These programs would be both audio and script and organized into thematic units along the lines of the four stage model of crisis and recovery.

Specific programs would be geared towards aid workers, community leaders-teachers, pastors etc., and survivors/victims (further specified into children, youth, and adults). The basic toolkit would include 50-60 programs




Member Care Media (MCM) is a media ministry of TWR specially prepared for cross-cultural workers whose obedience to the Great Commission has taken them to difficult regions.

The program content not only reminds them of God’s promise that He is with them to the very end of the earth, but also addresses changing needs from recruitment to retirement.


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Where communications through any other means may expose the worker and jeopardize their lives and ministry, this media project can effectively and compassionately serve to remind them that they are not alone nor forgotten.
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