Who Are We

Encourage, Enhance, Enable through Media!

What is Member Care Media?

Member Care Media (MCM) is a media ministry of TWR especially prepared for Cross-Cultural Workers around the globe whose obedience to the Great Commission has taken them to difficult places. It is our goal to encourage, enhance and enable these workers in their places of calling so that they will stay effective and fulfilled.

What is our vision?

It is only recently that the missions community has recognised that the Great Commandment and the Great Commission are inseparable. The mandate to love one another also needs to include the ones that have been sent out. It is a choice to act on behalf of these ones for their good and God’s glory.
Care is at the centre of what we do! With our programmes and online services, we want to stand alongside Cross-Cultural Workers, who are very much challenged and isolated due to culture, language and religion.

Member Care through Media?

The ever-increasing opportunities in Media such as Radio, Internet, Mobile- and Social Media, allow us to reach people right where they are. It is Media that penetrates through borders from the outside like geographical distance or closed countries but also through inward boundaries like loneliness, fear or lack of fellowship.



Member Care, however, cannot be done alone. Our partnership with Global Member Care and European Member Care has been vital in addressing the latest trends and issues being faced by cross-cultural workers as well as providing a strong network of contributors.

Our Media Assets

As the latest technology has become available also in the remotest parts of the world, MCM is spreading its reach to encourage those whom the Lord has called to serve around the world. With the expansion of the Internet in places like China, Latin America, the Middle East and Europe, MCM has been diligently working to make our content available on the different Internet platforms in conjunction with Radio where appropriate.


Since its launch, MCM has had over 800,000 visitors. The average visitor is listening to two to three programmes, and many are coming back to listen again.
As a result, the Website has developed a large core audience. Due to raising security issues faced by more and more Cross-Cultural Workers, MCM is working to make the content on the Web page available on DVD and content specific booklets. This will allow Cross-Cultural Workers with no Web access to have these resources.


As Cross-Cultural Workers started to use the technical platforms of Social Media, MCM saw the need to be present as well in order to fulfil one of our primary goals, namely to go with them where they go!

From a Listener

I’ve found that MCM is a huge encouragement for more than just cross-cultural ministry, but anyone in ministry, really. I’ve introduced several people to MCM because I send a lot of the articles on to those I know that are involved in different ministries. I think American culture places a lot of emphasis on work work work, especially in ministry, and tragically, I see a lot of friends getting burnt out. It’s actually really amazing because before I started following MCM Care on twitter, I felt kind of helpless whenever it came to encouraging my friends. But I’ve loved the particular posts about being stressed out, being a part of a team, being a coach vs. being a mentor. Oh my goodness, there are so many invaluable resources to share with people!

Intellectual Property Rights

Member Care Media a project under TWR does its best to ensure that we have permission from the owners of third-party content we make available through our web platforms. If you are the legal owner or legal representative of the owner of a piece of content that you believe is made available through a TWR website without proper authorization, please contact us through the e-mail below. We will respond as promptly as we can to your request and work diligently to resolve the issue. Thank you.  For further information please visit www.twr.org/privacy-policy .   Submit an e-mail to this address copyright@twr.org to begin the dispute process.